Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PropUrban?

We are a leading Real Estate Advisory Company providing 360-degree solutions to property seekers and investors alike. By using emerging technology and analytics, PropUrban envisions to create a world-class platform of highest standards and become a one-stop solution for anything that is ‘real estate’. With over 100+ years of combined experience in the industry, it endeavors to build a lasting experience for its customers through innovation, technology and professionalism. Further, its partnership with experienced and trusted associates enables it to maximize its reach even beyond boundaries. Besides local presence in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mumbai and Pune, the company has also set foot in international markets like Dubai, London and Singapore.

2. How many properties you are managing?

Currently, there are 1600 plus properties under our management.

3. Does Propurban guarantee a fixed monthly rental?

Based on case to case basis and various parameters such as location, demand and type of property PropUrban will guarantee a fixed monthly rental income. In case, if the property is located in the outskirts of the city, the option of fixed monthly rental income is not valid. However, if the property is old and within the good location, a minimum payment option can be availed.

4. Who takes care of Maintenance? 

Usually maintenance of the properties is taken care by PropUrban. In certain cases (which is rare) if the owner insists on maintaining the property, they can maintain the property at their own risk and cost. However, we recommend that the maintenances of the building should rest with PropUrban as the representative of the company will visit the property on regular basis to ensure the property is in good condition and the tenants have good experience of their stay.

5. Will PropUrban deduct TDS?

As a facilitator, aggregator and care-taker of the rental properties PropUrban does not charge or deduct TDS on rental earnings of the owners of the properties. Our responsibility is to the extent of searching, finding, boarding tenant, collecting SD and rent, maintaining, facilitating the property on behalf of the owners and tenants alike. We recommend the owners to seek an opinion from their Tax advisors on subject and its implications.

6. Who takes care of painting and cleaning? 

On acquisition of the leased property, we get the property inspected by our certified inspectors and the audit report will be shared with the owners. This report will have all the information of the property including photographs of the status of the property. If there are any changes to be made, we bring this to the notice of the owner. While handing over the property to us the owners have to ensure that the property is completely painted and cleaned as per our standards.

7. What kind of tenants PropUrban will prefer?

We at PropUrban follow stringent methods in searching and selecting a tenant via various methods of diligence. The preferred tenants are;

  • Corporate recommended employees (tenants) with fixed salaries

  • Families

  • Bachelor & Spinsters (Employed & Self Employed)

  • Students with parent’s consent letter.

8. What is the payment mode and date of payment for owners? 

As per the company norms we collect all the payments online from the tenants, and we make payments to the owners either online or by way of cheque. Most of our transactions are online and we don’t pay anybody in cash be it the vendors, owners or tenants.

9. How long will you take to fill the property? 

There is no fixed timeline to board a tenant in any property as this depends upon various parameters. Ideally, if the property is new or in good condition located in prime areas (high demand micro-markets) with affordable rent the likelihood of renting them is fast and early. However, in the interest of the owner and our company, we earnestly try to search, find tenant and fill the property as early as possible.

10. Do you pay the rent to the owners on a specific date?

Yes. We pay the rent to the owners on an agreed date as mentioned in the licence / agreement; in most cases we pay one day prior to the agreed date of payment. Based on the acquisition’s, property status, demand, tenants’ profile and bookings the payment dates to the owners may vary. However, once we agree to pay on specific date, we will pay on that particular date or one day prior to that date. We follow a strictly non-default policy.

11. Will PropUrban undertake the responsibility of Water, Electricity and Facility Management?

By default, all the properties we acquire / leased are provided with essential utility services such as Water, Electricity, Sewage system and Internet access and providing these services owner’s responsibility. Post-acquisition of the property, the owners are free to choose our facility management services at a basic minimum cost for a hassle- free rental earnings.

12. What's is the MOU?

MOU is a preliminary document giving broad information of our engagement with the owner of the property.

13. What is the minimum lock-in period of the Licence / Agreement between the owner and PropUrban?

The minimum lock-in period of the license/agreement on the leased properties is 1 year (12 Months) with a perpetual renewal option for next 3 years minimum. The license / agreement will get automatically terminated if the same is not renewed one day before the last date of the contract.

14. What’s the increment percentage every year?

Increment will be done as per the market standards of 5% for every 11 months for Residential properties.

15. When does the owner and PropUrban officially begin the services?

Post the execution of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) a formal licence /agreement will be drafted (by a team of our in-house legal experts) and shared with the owners to be signed and executed. The detailed licence is bounded by various terms and conditions agreed upon by both Owner and PropUrban.

16. Do you charge any Brokerage?

No, it’s completely zero brokerage if one opts for the properties showcased on our website. However, if you require us to act as your be-spoke advisor to search a specific property in a preferred location with specific requirements we may charge 1 month rent brokerage as professional fee.

17. Is there any lock-in period? 

Yes, we have only 6 months lock-in period, usually landlords will have 11 months lock in period.

18. What is the termination notice period? 

As per the market standard usually 1 month, and in case should the tenant decide to vacate, the tenant has to serve one month notice minimum to PropUrban.

19. How much would be the painting charges? 

Unlike the prevailing practices, we don’t collect one month rent by default while tenant vacating the property. We understand that there are no fixed charges applicable for these kinds of services. Before executing any of the maintenance or painting job (depending on the condition and status of the flat), we will share a competitive quote and seek the tenant’s approval and subject to the approval of the same the requisite job will be executed. Post completion of the service, we will debit the amount (repair and painting work) from the security deposit amount. Unlike landlords we don’t collect one month rent towards painting and cleaning. We have the best vendors who are working with us at a very competitive quotes and its completely depend on how well tenant maintained the flat.

20. How to book a flat?

Post the inspection of the property and your liking, you can book the property by paying just Rs.5000/- to block your desired flat which will be later adjusted with your security deposit amount. For bookings, one can choose any one of the following options.

  • Payment can be made online by visiting our website and choose the option of paying via net banking, credit or debit card.

  • Payment mode can be through NEFT, RTGS & Digital payment platforms such as Paytm etc.,

  • The cash payment of Rs.5,000/- (Rs. Five Thousand only) maximum, towards booking in case the tenant is not in a position to avail the online facility.

21. What is the proof for token amount received / paid? 

If you choose to make payments through any of the following channels, your payments will be acknowledged accordingly. Besides, irrespective of the mode you have made, you will get an e-mail confirmation with complete information.

  • If the payment is made online by visiting our website, you will receive instant confirmation from PropUrban and the Bank via SMS and an e-mail.

  • If the payment is made through NEFT, RTGS & Digital payment platforms such as Paytm etc., you will get an acknowledgement by instant SMS followed by an email.

  • If the payment is made by cash, you will receive a copy of the receipt by way of a booking form followed by an email confirmation.

22. Is there an EMI facility provided for the Security Deposit (SD)? 

Yes*, We do provide this option for tenants whose SD is more than Rs.50,000/-. The first payment should be made (minimum 60% of the total SD amount) one day prior of moving to the property and the 2nd installment (a minimum interest of 2% is applicable) should be made within the next 25 days post the first payment.

(* This is option is facilitated post due diligence and verification by PropUrban to selected prospects. In most cases, we discourage this option as this facility in certain cases may ask for extra amount of SD)

23. Do we get monthly rent receipts?

Yes, on or before 15th of every month rent receipts will be shared to all the tenants along with landlord details.

24. Who is responsible for essential utility services such as water, electricity and internet connectivity?

Most of the essential utilities available on the premises is provided by the owners of the property. However, we assume moral responsibility to follow up with the owners and service providers on behalf of tenants to ensure they are provided these facilities at all times. In case of emergency one can (Tenants only) reach us via any of following routes.

  • Relationship Manager dedicated to the property.

  • Customer Care Desk @ 0091-80-3360-5050

  • 24/7 Emergency Unit @ 1800=333-3330

  • Via Email:

  • Chatbot @ Website: