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Terms and Conditions

As per the Information Technology Act, 2000, this document is an electronic record. Since it is generated by the computer system it does not require any physical or digital signature. This document, published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011, requires publishing of the privacy policy, rules and regulations and Terms of Use for access or usage of the website

The domain name - (referred here as "Website") is owned by Propurban Realtech Private Limited, registered under the Company's Act, 1956 (hereinafter referred to as "Company" or "Propurban" Golden Towers, Ground Floor, Old Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bengaluru -560017

For the Terms of Use, wherever the context requires "You" or "User" will mean that any person viewing or browsing the Website has agreed to avail the services provided within the Website by giving the required information while registering on the Website. Words like "We", "Us", "Our" and "Propurban” used in these Terms shall mean Propurban Realtech Private Limited.


Using this Website by You is administered by these Terms of Use ("Terms" or "Terms of Use") and any policy/terms so mentioned by terms of reference. Browsing the Website or using the services offered here means that You have read and agreed to all Terms of Use and that You are contracting with Propurban and have undertaken binding obligations with Propurban. Accepting these Terms of Use imply that You agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy available, that may be amended from time to time.

You are subject to the rules, policies, guidelines and terms and conditions applicable to any service which is provided within this Website, and they shall be deemed to be incorporated into this Terms of Use and shall be considered as part of Terms of Use.


The Company has the sole right to modify the Terms of Use without any prior permission from You or informing You. It’s your responsibility to periodically check these Terms and stay updated on its requirements. If You continue to use or browse through the Website post the change, this is considered as consent by You to the revised policies.

Propurban, reserves its right to withdraw wholly or partly any of the Services offered via the Website with or without any prior notice.


Propurban offers multiple online services and is not just limited to listing of properties on the website for buy, sale or rent. The services offered by Propurban or 3rd party vendors can be availed by both individuals or organizations including builders or brokers. You can post your requirements / advertisements on the Website as long as it is genuine and is in agreement with the Terms of Use. Moreover, with your consensus you may permit any person including Propurban to post on your behalf in accordance with the Terms. You will be solely responsible for all your postings as well as by any person with your consent or on your behalf.


You are required to register with Propurban in order to avail the various services offered by us. If you are from an organization and wish to use the Services for it, we suggest that You along with other users from your organization sign up by giving your corporate contact details. To become a member of this website, you need to be more than 18 years old except those Incompetent to Contract™ which inter alias include insolvents. Also, as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872, if you are a minor and wish to browse/use the Website, you can do so via your legal guardian. Propurban reserves the right to terminate your account on information that You are using the membership of the Website as a minor.

Additionally, you are solely responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of your username and password and all activities under the account will be considered as done by you. You agree to: a) provide accurate, present and complete information about yourself as mentioned in the sign-up process; and b) maintain and promptly update the information provided during the sign-up to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete. In case you furnish false and inaccurate details then Propurban has the rights to permanently suspend your account and levy penalty (especially real estate agents who list as owners or builders and are providing fake information).


The charges for various services offered by Propurban have been clearly mentioned in the Website. These include paid as well as free services offered via the Website. Details of the Services offered free of cost and with charges are clearly stated in the Website for which you may reach us at And, if you wish to avail any of the paid services then Propurban reserves the right to alter or modify the amount payable for these without any prior information. There will be no refund of any amount paid by you for availing multiple services offered via the Website, except where expressly stated. All the terms and conditions of any offer/discount will be clearly mentioned in the Website which may be time bound. You cannot claim any offers/discounts after its expiry of time. There are certain services offered directly by the third-party vendors and the role of Propurban here is only to post the availability of such services on our website. Propurban is not liable or responsible in any way for such services or the quality of these. All payments being made by Users do not accrue to Propurban. Hence, Propurban will not entertain any requests for information / clarification regarding such Services..


a) Local Info

Propurban comprises Local Info section which allows you to access, review, rate, and recommend projects in your locality or neighbourhood. The data on these pages may be provided by a third party or submitted by even individuals. You agree that all information provided by You in these sections will be true and accurate. You cannot defame, insult or vilify any person or establishment. Propurban does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of content submitted by individuals or third party on its Website.

b) Market Place

Market Place enables you to offer services including posting of properties for sale, new properties being developed in any area, among others or even post wanted ads. Please be informed that Market Place is just a venue for you to either list or respond to classified listings. Propurban reserves the right to put a limit on the number of responses for a free user. Propurban does not take any responsibility for this content on the website. You are required to use your judgment before acting on any content listed in the Website. You cannot sell or list an item in the Market Place which: (a) infringes any third party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy; (b) results in a legally-recognized damage (including a product that contains any defamatory statement); or (c) is illegal under any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation.


All users agree not to reverse, engineer, amend, copy, distribute, transmit, exhibit, perform, replicate, warrant, publish, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information or software obtained from the Website.

Users agree not to use the Website (including, without limitation, any Services you may obtain while using the Website).

Users agree not to submit any property descriptions, financial details, photographs, contacts or other information contained in each Property’s data to the Website unless they have acquired and received all the necessary rights and authorizations from respective owners of such property or the power-of-attorney holder. This also includes rights from the photographer and/or copyright owner of any photographs, to publish and advertise the said property on the Website. Photographs with watermarks are not permitted.


Without assigning any reasons/evidence thereof, Propurban has the right to terminate any User account if (a) He is found or suspected to have engaged in fraudulent activities while using our Services, (b) We at Propurban believe that you have breached our Terms or any other reasons as deemed fit by us.


As part of our Services offered to all registered members, we might need to communicate with you via e-mail. Thus, you agree to receive e-mails specific to your account which are necessary for normal functioning of the Services. This includes one or more welcome e-mails that help inform new users about various features of the Services. By becoming a registered member of Propurban and/or using the Services, you agree to receive certain communication from us. You hereby confirm that, you do not object to receive emails, messages (SMS, WhatsApp or any other mode), calls from Propurban, its group companies, affiliates and subsidiaries. The consent will surpass any preferences set by you with or registration done with the Do Not Disturb (DND Register)/ National Customer Preference Register (NCPR).


All logos, trademarks, brands and service ‘Marks’ appearing in the Website are the properties either owned or used under a license by Propurban. All rights accruing from the same, statutory or otherwise, wholly vest with Propurban. Access to this Website doesn’t authorize you to use in respect of these Marks and therefore the use of these Marks in any form or manner, whatsoever is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this would be considered an offence under the prevailing laws of India.

Propurban respects the Intellectual Property Rights of all. The Website has and will continue to adhere to all laws applicable in the country in this regards. Propurban shall respect the Intellectual Property Rights of the users as well as third parties. In case User/s are found to be using Website as a platform to infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of others, Propurban has the right to terminate the said User/s account forthwith without any prior notice.


All information and services provided by Propurban via the website are “as is” or “as available” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, title or non-infringement, fitness for a purpose, or arising from a course of dealing, usage, or trade practice. Propurban doesn’t warranty that the services offered are without any errors or mistakes and that the defects or mistakes in services will be amended. Nor does Propurban guarantee or represent that the services will be available continuously. Certain mitigating circumstances may result in services being interrupted. Propurban gives no remedies for such interruptions. Also, Propurban gives no solutions for any loss of data resulting from the use of these services.

Propurban is not responsible for damage of any sorts (consequential, incidental, direct, software, hardware, or any other) due to access, download or usage of contents from the Website. The content of the Website may include imprecisions or typographical mistakes. Content is regularly updated with regards to improvements and corrections without prior notice.


Propurban has the right to publish property details with your consensus that have been provided by you. However, in case there is a situation where your consent was not taken, you are required to contact Propurban immediately. You are prohibited to discuss this on any public or social forum. A legal penalty will be applicable, if this is found. All feedbacks relating to correction of details can be communicated to Propurban immediately. Propurban can be contacted at or or +91-080-33605050 or even at our office address Golden Towers, Ground Floor, Old Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bengaluru -560017, Karnataka, India


Unless clearly stated in any part of the Website, Propurban is not involved in the actual transactions between buyers and sellers of any goods or services or any users posting any information/listings on the Website. The company doesn’t control the quality, safety or legality of properties or services advertised, the accuracy of the listings, the skill of sellers to sell items or the skill of buyers to buy items offered thorough the Website. The company doesn’t control the fact that sellers will finish the sale of items they offer or buyers will complete the purchase of items they have committed to buy. Also, kindly note that there are risks in dealing with people under false pretence. We expect you to be cautious while using the Website since we do not guarantee the accuracy or legitimacy of any listing, posting, leads, information by other users. Further, we are also not liable for any loss of money, reputation, goodwill or any special, indirect, or significant damages arising with the use of the Website or by any sale, purchase of goods and services from other users of the Website. Propurban is not liable for any third party/User for any content/listing posted by other Users on the Website.

Without any prior notice, Propurban reserves the right to remove all or any part of the properties and/or other goods and services posted in any part of the Website.


Users of Website agree to underwrite, defend and hold harmless Propurban, its management, directors, employees and agents from any claim, expense, judgment or other loss incurred because of the violation of the terms and conditions contained in these Terms.


This Website might also provide links to other websites with access to content, products and services from third parties including users, associates, advertisers, and sponsors of the Website. Propurban is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of content (but is not limited to opinions, statements, advice and advertisements) provided in third party websites Also, you must bear all risks associated with the use of such content. You are advised to examine the policies posted by respective websites concerning their privacy policy and terms of use before the usage of the concerned third party websites. Propurban is not responsible for the loss or damage of any sort that you may incur by using contents of third party websites. A link to a third-party website from Propurban website does not establish an endorsement of the owner of the other site, the content of its site, or its products or services by Propurban.


By using the Website, you agree that the laws prevailing in the country shall be the governing laws in all matters relating to these Terms.


Courts at Bengaluru, India alone will have the exclusive jurisdiction in all matters relating to the use of these Terms, irrespective of the territory and jurisdiction of your access to the Website.

If you come across any listing or posting that is offensive and as such violates our listing policy or infringes any intellectual property rights, then kindly inform us by sending a mail to It will enable us to keep the Website working efficiently and in a safe manner.

The information given in this Website is based on Propurban’s proprietary data resources and data collected from various publicly known sources viz, websites, documents, maps and the inputs of unidentified personnel. It should be considered as a guideline and not with absolute certainty. While we have taken care for its groundwork, no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of any part or whole. The information is absolute property of Propurban/Propurban Realtech Private Limited. It must not be replicated in any form, in part or in whole, without seeking prior written permission from Propurban. The information is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.

Updated on 06-07-2017

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